Why choose SMART Office SES

Why should you choose SMART Office SES in solving private Email server issues?

Want on-premise private company email server.

  • Want company email in your own server in company premise and not in the cloud or on someone’s shared server.
  • No IT expertise to install or maintain your email server.
  • Choose this server solution and get it working in less than 30 minutes.
  • Don’t like burden of monthly fees or data overage fees.
  • Don’t want company internal email to go outside the company network.
  • Need up to 100 employee email accounts without capacity limits and fees.
  • Conveniently migrate each employee email account from previous ISP service or MS Exchange.
  • Ability to DIY add or delete user accounts, independently set account size limit for each user.
  • Ability to un-limit attachment size.

You worry that on-premise server failure or a natural disaster will shut down Email service for the whole company.

  • Integral disaster protection option is not difficult to setup and run. It will keep a fully replicated server outside the company premise. SMARTOffice offers the fastest and most painless recovery after a disaster.
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  • Integral option for redundant servers with automatic take-over will assure your email service won’t stop if one server failed.
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Other features you will benefit from SMARTOffice in solving private Email server issues.

  • Access email from anywhere using web mail or any major mail client.
  • Vacation setting, SPAM filter, black/white domain list, rule-filter capability.
  • Daily reporting feature of your system’s health and function.
  • Free status monitoring by Redvue and email notice if something is unusual.
  • Free code updates automatically from distribution site whenever available. SMARTOffice will track and update all units in its group.
  • These servers do not shut down due to AC power interruption.
  • No noise, small footprint, low (10W) power consumption servers suitable to be placed in a small office environment.
  • No monthly fees or data overage fees.
  • 3 companion solutions that help you manage and protect company data.