Self Hosted Continuous Data Protection server solution made simple 

  • Designed for small businesses
  • Plug-and-Play with company router and start protecting in 30 minutes
  • DIY setup user accounts and system functions
  • In-house backup server for privacy of your business data
  • Completely automated protection of employees’ work files
  • Eliminate backup mistakes and backup chores
  • High frequency backup of changed files assures you can recover the correct version of any lost files
  • All software/hardware integrated
  • No license fees or monthly recurring fees
  • Total Cost of Ownership paid back with first data loss (see customer experience)

Description of how SMARTOffice CDP works.

Scalable and expandable

  • Built in SW allows DIY off-site replicated server for Disaster Recovery
  • Built in SW allows DIY on-site redundant server for Business Continuity

ECO Design

  • Very small footprint
  • Uses less than 10W electricity
  • Built-in 5-Hr UPS for AlwaysOn operation
  • No noise

Other helpful features

  • Industry’s fastest restoration of your backup server after a disaster, thanks to our smart modular design of the off-site replicated server. You can re-establish your local backup server in minutes, which speeds up recovery of the rest of the business after a disaster.
  • Non stop CDP service with the on-site redundant server configuration.
  • Version management and storage house keeping function assures that built-in storage won’t run out for a typical business office.
  • Adding storage is done with a click with the Unlimited Expansion feature.

Redvue’s commitment to you

  • Easy 60-day return policy
  • One year product warranty
  • Free SW updates
  • Free SMARTOffice system monitoring/problem notification by email


Proudly designed in California