Why choose SMART Office PFS

Why should you choose SMART Office PFS?

Desire an on-premise Private File Server

  1. Want company files in your own server in company premise and not in the cloud or on someone’s shared server.
  2. Project base collaboration, Sharing, Public/Private folders for each employee without any monthly charges or data overage fees.
  3. Don’t want employee to loose company data on portable devices they may carry around.
  4. Don’t have dedicated IT person or the IT person is overloaded.
  5. Get this solution set up and start sharing files in less than 30 minutes.

You worry on-premise server failure or a natural disaster will shut down file sharing/collaboration service for the whole company.

  • Integral disaster protection option is not difficult to setup and run. It will keep a fully replicated server outside the company premise. SMARTOffice offers the fastest and most painless recovery after a disaster.

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  • Integral option for redundant servers with automatic take-over will assure file-sharing process won’t stop if one server failed.

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Other features you will benefit from.

  1. Daily reporting feature of your system’s health and function.
  2. Free status monitoring by Redvue and email notice if something is unusual.
  3. Free code updates automatically from distribution site whenever available. SMARTOffice will track and update all units in its group.
  4. These servers do not shut down due to AC power interruption.
  5. No noise, small footprint, low (10W) power consumption servers suitable to be placed in a small office environment.
  6. No monthly fees or data overage fees.
  7. 3 companion solutions that help you manage and protect company data.