Protect and Recover from a Disaster

Protect Recover from Disaster with SMARTOffice product

All SMARTOffice products come with software feature to help recover your company data after a disaster. By adding the Remote Replication function to your configuration, you are setting up a duplicate of the SMARTOffice main server. It is an exact duplicate hardware unit as the main server. It not only duplicate company data (backup data, email, shared files), but also duplicates all system settings and account settings. So this way, you will be keeping a mirror device in an off-site location. In case a disaster happens on-premise and your main server gets destroyed, the remote server can be brought back to the office. And by clicking a button on the UI, you can change the Remote Unit into a Base Unit. You will then be returned to the original state with your SMARTOffice in the office. In a short time your CDP service, SES service or PFS service will be up and running again just like before the disaster.

Unlike other disaster recovery solutions in the market, which may involve restoring large amounts of data across the slow Internet back to the new computers, SMART Office “disaster recovery” totally by-passes that step. It immediately restores the SMARTOffice service in the office and helps you to resume your business quickly.

Redvue makes this important feature affordable for small businesses to protect recover from disaster because we believe it can benefit small businesses very much.

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