SMARTOffice customer quotes from their testimonials

Worldwide exporter of Electro-Mechanical parts and sub-assemblies, Taipei, Taiwan.

Product: SMARTOffice CDP (Continuous Data Protection).
Implementation: Used SMARTOffice products since early 2015.

Our company installed Redvue’s SMARTOffice CDP product in February 2015 to backup all key computers in our company. It had paid back in a big way when one of the company computers suffered “Ransomware” attack in early 2016. All work data files became encrypted and disappeared on that computer. Soon after, a ransom email was received to pay ransom to unlock the files. Fortunately, all work data files of that computer were backed up on CDP system; we were able to restore the entire set of files, thanks to the “Versioning” backup done by CDP.


Small business supplying sub-assemblies to leading EV manufacturer, Fremont, California, USA.

Product: 2x SMARTOffice SES (Secure Email Service) with Remote Replication, 1x CDP (Continuous Data Protection) with Remote Replication.
Implementation: Used SMARTOffice products since early 2015.

I have used the SMARTOffice Data Protection CDP and SES solutions over 1 year to take care of my IT data protection for my 2 companies. So far, the products performed well without any issues, and Redvue Systems’ support has been very good. SES provided us with reliable email service even when I travel in China, and CDP backs up my design work stations continuously to give me peace of mind.


CPA firm with 6 employees, Milpitas, California, USA.

Product: SMARTOffice CDP (Continuous Data Protection)
Implementation: Used SMARTOffice CDP since November 2013.

We needed to recover a 2 weeks old version of one of our work folders due to corruption issues. With SMARTOffice, we were able to specify the date that we wanted and the recovery was completed in about 15 minutes.


Engineering Services firm, San Jose, California, USA.

Product: SMARTOffice CDP (Continuous Data Protection)
Implementation: Used SMARTOffice CDP since February 2014.

One time we lost work files due to a laptop crash. With the built-in versioning archive of SMART Office, we were able to easily find and select the desired version and restore those files from SMART Office and we were back in business right away.


Industrial Touch Display Panel distributor, Fremont, California, USA.

Product: SMARTOffice SES (Secure Email Server)
Implementation: Used SMARTOffice SES (base unit + off-site replication unit) since December 2015.

Replaced our troublesome and aging MS Exchange with SES. We were able to maintain our exact use model with SES.
Since we opted for the Remote Replication configuration with main email server on-site and the remote replication unit off-site, we don’t have to perform our usual scheduled backup of our email data base.
Backups now happen automatically and in real time, plus we are protected for natural disaster at the work place. We suffer regular power outages at the work place; SMART Office AlwaysOn Technology keeps the servers going so that our email service is not disrupted.

SES saved us a lot of time and stress compared to our old email server.