Question: What is CDP and versioning backup and  what are the benefits?

CDP is Continuous Data Protection. SMARTOffice uses file level CDP. There are some significant benefits to this method. There is no backup time window. Protection happens through out the day every time a file has been changed. The storage space usage are more efficient compared to traditional backup. Furthermore, SMARTOffice versions each file backup so you have all the changed versions for you to recover and restore quickly.

Question: Why is SMARTOffice CDP product a no-single-point failure product?

SMARTOffice CDP is designed to easily provide Disaster Recovery capability or Server Fail-over capability. Add another SMARTOffice unit to your system and configure it to be a off-site Replication server to get Disaster Recovery protection. Or, add another unit and configure it to be an on-site Redundant server with fail-over to get non stop server operation. See How it works.

Question: I already have a Windows, Mac or Linux server. Can I add SMARTOffice to my office?

Yes, SMARTOffice will co-exist with existing servers. It will not interfere with your existing equipment or change the way your employees work.

Question: I am using another backup product. Can I still use SMARTOffice?

Yes, SMARTOffice will work independently of other backup products. You may elect to continue using them.

Question: Can I use SMARTOffice to back up the Operating System or Applications on my computer?

SMARTOffice focuses on protecting and archiving the most important asset for any business owner: the company’s work files. Every Operating System provides their unique way to make periodic updates and restore points. You should rely on those OS prescribed method. For Applications, the best practice is to restore from a CD or from the web.

Question: What is the goal of SMARTOffice’s Data Protection method ?

SMARTOffice makes sure up to 365 prior versions are preserved and are available for recovery. In case a folder was lost or the computer is replaced, the user may restore the latest version of his files back to the computer. But, in case user discovered a virus infection during recent days, the user may restore a version before the date of infection.

Question: Can you find things easily if so many versions of a file are saved?

SMARTOffice catalogues versions of a file by the last modification date. The user can visually pick from an intuitive list of the versions. Alternatively, the user may specify a date that he is interested, such as “…restore the version on or before xx/xx/xx date”. You can use either style to recover 1 file or all files in a folder.

Question: How much storage does SMARTOffice come with?

SMARTOffice comes with 1TB HDD. The entire HDD is dedicated to your company use. Our system code is integrated into the hardware, so 100% of the storage is for your use.

Question: Is 1TB enough to take care of 20 computers?

In our Beta test with real companies, such as a retail business, a 7 employees accounting company with thousands of clients, or a PCB design and layout company that has been in business for over 10 years, 1TB is definitely enough.

Question: What is the best location to place SMARTOffice?

You can place SMARTOffice on any stable surface in a cool dark place. If SMARTOffice WiFi access point is used, it should be located in a place where the WiFi signal will not be blocked or interfered. In general, higher locations will work better. The usual range of the WiFi signal is about 10Meters. If your office is large, you should locate the unit in a central place so that all areas of your office will get the WiFi signal. Avoid locations that are close to microwave ovens or other appliances that can interfere the wireless signal.

Question: Can SMARTOffice be mounted on the wall or ceiling?

Yes, make sure that it is properly secured. Also, you need long Ethernet cables and power close by to that location.

Question: What type of Ethernet cable or equipment should I use with SMARTOffice?

For best performance, use Gigabit ethernet switches and cables. If your office is pre-wired with CAT-5 or older wires, SMARTOffice will automatically operate at a slower speed.

Question: What if my storage space is running low?

You can add storage capacity in about 5 minutes, even while everyone is working. You simply add another SMARTOffice unit to your network switch using an Ethernet cable. Power up the unit, and configure using the SMARTOffice web based GUI.

Question: What is the maximum expansion capacity with SMARTOffice?

There is virtually no maximum expansion capacity. You can expand capacity indefinitely just by adding more units.

Question: Does the system slow down when I add a lot of expansion units?

No, users will not percieve any speed degradation in their daily usage since SMARTOffice optimizes file placements.

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