About Us




Our Journey

The old men in our team are propeller heads from Silicon Valley that just cannot let things be. Consequently, we founded the company on a simple belief that many small companies suffer from unnecessary on-going IT cost to get the essential services. Many entirely forego managing or protecting company data as they should. However our team believes properly safeguarding company data must be done. And small companies should be able to do it easily and cost effectively.

Therefore we set out on a mission to exactly do that.

It has been a long and hard journey.  Because we had to develop everything: the custom electronics, the purpose-built embedded system, the unique client app. We even went the distance to designed our enclosure to meet our goal and bring out the uniqueness of our products.

The team worked really hard and we got it all done. As a result, SMARTOffice products became the first-in-class application centric Data Appliance to meet the price point and requirement of small businesses. Results from the field told us we created the right product. After losing massive data due to equipment issues and malware, customers had the power in their hand to easily recover those lost data.

Now our team is moving on to bigger and better things…




The Team

John D. Arnold- Board Advisor

John keeps eye-glasses straight in Redvue.  He’s a retired corporate attorney and was board member at several US public companies including Johnny Tseng’s prior storage startup. He was instrumental with strategy and M&A activities for the companies.


Steven Taubs – Board Advisor

Steven hunts for business opportunities for Redvue. He is a seasoned BD veteran helping our company aligned to the industry directions.


Johnny Tseng – CEO

Johnny is the wizard and chief designer in the company. He dreamt up the company products and forces engineering to come up with these stuff.


Chenwei Lai – VP of Products

Chenwei makes sure our products work for our customers.  He punishes the engineers if he finds any bugs.


Thomas T.Feng – Director, Product Development

Thomas is the work horse of our development team. He takes the vision of the company and use best practices to create and produce company’s products.