Question: Where does SMARTOffice Private File Share (PFS) server store my files?

SMARTOffice PFS keeps company files private by storing them in the server itself which is then installed in your company network. Your company files do not get placed in the cloud or other paid service’s shared servers.

Question: How does SMARTOffice Private File Share (PFS) server achieve no-single-point-of failure?

SMARTOffice PFS comes with built-in software that you can very easily add and configure an off-site Replication server for Disaster Recovery, or an on-site Redundant server for non-stop server operation with fail-over. See How it works.

Question: How much storage does SMARTOffice Private File Share (PFS) server come with?

SMARTOffice PFS comes with 1TB HDD. Our system code is integrated into the hardware, so 100% of the storage is for file sharing use.

Question: Is 1TB enough to take care of the whole company file sharing usage?

It is highly depending on how employees share, collaborate and utilize the file sharing.

Question: What if my storage space is running low?

You can add storage capacity in about 5 minutes, even while everyone is working. You simply add another SMARTOffice unit to your network switch using an Ethernet cable. Power up the unit, and configure using the SMARTOffice web based GUI.

Question: What is the best location to place SMARTOffice?

You can place SMARTOffice on any stable surface in a cool dark place.

Question: Can SMARTOffice be mounted on the wall or ceiling?

Yes, make sure that it is properly secured. Also, you need long Ethernet cables and power close by to that location.

Question: What type of Ethernet cable or equipment should I use with SMARTOffice?

For best performance, use Gigabit ethernet switches and cables. If your office is pre-wired with CAT-5 or older wires, SMARTOffice will automatically operate at a slower speed.


Question: What is the maximum expansion capacity with SMARTOffice?

There is virtually no maximum expansion capacity. You can expand capacity indefinitely just by adding more units.

Question: Does the system slow down when I add a lot of expansion units?

No, users will not percieve any speed degradation in their daily usage since SMARTOffice optimizes file placements.

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