Avoid single point server failures

Avoid single point server failure. Achieve non-stop service using SMARTOffice products

All SMARTOffice products implement a simple but comprehensive and powerful redundancy scheme to prevent service stoppage due to server hardware failure in the company network. Unlike many products on the market, SMARTOffice mirror not only duplicate data, but also the content of the whole server. So, when you opt for the Local Mirror feature in your SMARTOffice configuration, you actually run 2 identical servers in tandem: one main and the other, the mirror unit. The mirror unit is a real time replication of the main unit. All information from the main unit is duplicated to the mirror within a fraction of a second after data has been committed to the main unit. You have two exact copies of everything spread amongst the 2 units. Then, a 2-way heartbeat check mechanism between the 2 units takes place at set intervals. Whenever one failed, the other will continue so there is no gap in the service. An alert would be sent out to the admin or managers so that the failed unit can be removed and replace by a good one.

Such redundancy scheme usually comes at a high acquisition cost and installation cost for other equipment on the market. Usually it is found only in high-end server equipment.

Redvue makes this important feature affordable for small businesses to avoid single point server failure because we believe it can benefit small businesses very much.

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