Comparing TCO Total Cost of Ownership for SES

Comparing TCO total cost of ownership for self hosting email using in-house SMARTOffice SES solution versus other in-house solutions such as Exchange server, we observe the following.

The comparison highlights the fact that Exchange server’s high deployment cost necessitates high number of employees in the company to be able to justify the solution. Conversely, SMARTOffice SES solution does not require any expensive server equipment and software licenses to operate. SES also does not need high cost expert IT personnel to upkeep the system as required by Exchange solution.

It is evident from the table below that a growing start-up company starting with even 10 people can easily justify using SMARTOffice SES solution to run the company email on an in-house server as its acquisition cost is low. As the company grows, observe that cost of ownership and operation becomes even lower. This is impossible with a solution such as Exchange server.

Also, note that the cost of SES deployment as suggested below is not using a strip down minimal configuration. It uses the highest protection level with the Double Redundancy configuration which provides you 2 very important aspects in data protection and management:

(1) Disaster Protection of Company Email: An absolute “must” for protection against unforeseen disasters in the work place. If your email servers and computers are destroyed in the office, you can recover your entire company email in a snap from the off-site replicated SES server.

(2) Non Stop Email Service: A crucial and highly desirable feature that makes your business email service non stop due to email server failure by having on-site redundant SES server configuration. You have 2 SMARTOffice SES running in tandem in your company.

In comparing TCO total cost of ownership for self hosting email based on this analysis, small businesses now have an affordable and compelling option to self host company private email using the SMARTOffice SES solution.

Learn more about SMARTOffice SES here.

TCO comparison table:

SMARTOffice SES On-premise Exchange
10 employee shop 30 employee shop 100 employee shop  100 employee shop
Level 3 Double Redundancy Configuration$2,399Primary server
Secondary server
Onsite Redundant ServerinclBarracuda Spam & Virus Firewall
Offsite Replicated Serverincl
PowerVault TL2000
CommVault Express$20,900
All needed SW (included)$0MS Exch
MS Outlook
Licensing (none)$0Win Server
Win Server CALs
Exch User CALs$23,900
(DIY = 0)
Y1 labor reserve
(DIY = 0)
$500Y1 labor$32,000
Y2 labor reserve
(DIY = 0)
$500Y2 labor$33,600
Y3 labor reserve
(DIY = 0)
$500Y3 labor$35,280
Y1 Electricity$30Y1 Electricity$1,500
Y2 Electricity$30Y2 Electricity$1,500
Y3 Electricity$30Y3 Electricity$1,500
TCO      TCO 
3 yr$4,489$4,489$4,4893 yr$175,180
3 yr  per user$449$150$453 yr  per user$1,752
1 yr  per user$150$50$151 yr  per user$584
1 mo  per user$12$4$11 mo  per user$49