SMARTOffice Use cases

  • Company Email in the Cloud?
    SMARTOffice provides a secure email product that will host company email account. For example, if the company uses Gmail to host the company email, SMARTOffice can migrate your email from Gmail server into the company’s SMARTOffice Mail server. The goal is to keep company’s email in the company, so that it is not prone to internet related privacy issues. Email is available to the company for record keeping and safekeeping. Further, all internal email are never routed outside of the company network, so all intra-company email stay private.
  • Protecting company’s digital assets
    Every business has several kinds of assets: physical asset and digital asset, to name a few. Digital assets may consist of employees’ work on the computers such as project files, proposals, sales forecast, accounting spread sheets, design drawings, product specifications, software source codes, personnel files, production schedules, etc. It may also consist of company email and company private contents. These digital assets are as important as the other kinds of company assets. Typically, these reside in employee’s computers and shared servers. Specific effort must be made to safeguard these digital assets. SMARTOffice has built-in intelligence to back up all these digital assets so that you do not have to spend any time to perform the back ups. They will be backed up automatically for you. If any employee loose their laptop or crash a hard disk, you simply replace the computer and you can restore the employee’s computer to the way it was before the crash. You can also restore individual files just in case an employee “inadvertently” deleted his work file.
  • Importance of Business Continuance
    Even though SMARTOffice is designed with the best available commercial components, the hard disk and hardware in SMARTOffice could still fail. SMARTOffice provides you with an important feature to protect your operation in case such failure happens. If your operation cannot stop due to any SMARTOffice hardware failure, you can easily elect to implement a Mirror Configuration. It is as easy as adding another SMARTOffice and configuring it with a few clicks. When you have a Mirror Configuration, you have 2 SMARTOffice running in tandem, both having the same exact contents. If one failed, you have the other one to keep your business going, while you replace the failed SMARTOffice unit.
  • Does my company need Disaster Recovery?
    No one expects natural or man-made disasters to occur at your place of business. And most people don’t prepare for them. With SMARTOffice solution, you can easily set up a Disaster Recovery Configuration so that the company’s digital assets, as listed in a previous section, will be stored off-premise. In case disaster strikes, your digital assets can be re-created and can help you with the restoration of your business.
  • Assist your company with SOX compliance process
    Sarbane Oxley Act for US companies require that the company be ready for SOX auditor to review any controls, policies and procedures. Company must maintain audit trail of all access and activity to sensitive business information. SMARTOffice has built-in activity logs and also records of all company email and communication. SMARTOffice can provide these information that could assist you towards SOX requirements.

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