Why we believe SMARTOffice CDP is the best data backup server solution

There are many types of backup approaches to choose in implementing a best data backup recovery server solution. Read the full article: Various Backup and Archival Approaches.

A backup solution consists of 2 parts: the backup process and the recovery process.

First, we will discuss the backup process.

SMARTOffice CDP uses Continuous Data Protection backup process that we believe delivers best payoff for small business protection. Compared to any other backup approaches, SMARTOffice CDP provides the best coverage and the most straightforward recovery process.

Below are 2 aspects of CDP.


Some CDP record a changed file when the changed file is saved.
Some record finer granularity of change at character or word level.


True-CDP records changes continuously.
Near-CDP records changes at short time intervals.

In CDP, a Full Backup is first created and subsequently, any changes to any of the files under protection are recorded.

CDP at fine granularity, or recording changes in True-CDP fashion is indeed very resource consuming and are used only for very specific mission critical needs.

In typical small business, employees generate and change files such as word processing files, spreadsheets, software source code, email, etc., over the course of the day. We believe file-level granularity and Near-CDP combination provides the protection that a small business needs without unnecessary resource requirements and also makes the recovery process very straightforward.

Secondarily, an equally important part of a good backup is ability to get back the needed version of a file easily and selectively during the recovery process.

Here, we believe SMARTOffice CDP’s implementation of versioning archive provides the ability to recover any version of each employee’s lost file up to 365 previous versions.

Due to the superior protection coverage and deep archive, multiplied by the ability to protect all employees constantly, SMARTOffice CDP is demonstrably the best data backup recovery server solution money can buy.


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