Running out of storage space

Running out of storage space in data servers

In typical company servers, when storage space gets full, it can be a complex process to add additional storage space. One way to take care of this is by asking all users to look through their files and delete “unwanted” files from the current hard drive so that space is freed up. This can be a daunting task affecting employee productivity and could introduce mishaps. Another way is to add another hard disk drive, or replace the current disk drive with a larger one. These are time-consuming tasks best performed by a knowledgeable person as reconfiguring the operating system’s volumes or directory system may be involved.

In SMARTOffice products, one of the design goals is the storage space shall last many years without the need to add additional storage space when used in typical office environment. Each SMARTOffice application’s storage use pattern is carefully matched with the storage capacity included. Many of our current customers have been using our products for up to 3 years without having to add storage.

Adding storage capacity

When you need to add capacity, easy addition of storage space is also unique design consideration and the provided “wizard” function will help the customer accomplish this task very quickly and easily.

When your storage fills up to 75% you will get a friendly warning message on the Daily Report email that is sent out nightly. This gives you ample time to connect a new SMARTOffice unit to your network and configure it as an Expansion Unit (EU) just with some mouse clicks.

The “Content Placement Optimization (CPO)” feature will start to move groups of least used files or folders from the BU to the EU during the midnight hours, making sure the BU has ample storage space to take care of next day’s need.

All user files in Base Unit and Expansion Unit appears as usual in his folders and are available for accessed in the exact same manner. SMARTOffice product will manage the placement of all users’ files.


Expansion Feature


Redvue offers this important feature available to small businesses in dealing with running out of storage space in data servers because we believe it can benefit small businesses very much.

This easy capacity expansion ability is available in all 3 products offered:

CDP product

SES product

PFS product