How does SMARTOffice save me money?

SMARTOffice Data Protection server solution saves money for you in a few ways.

Firstly, it is designed with small businesses in mind, so it is made simple and thus does not need an IT expert to operate it. Our design goal was to make it so simple that an office admin can operate it.

Secondly, SMARTOffice does not require any monthly fees. Unlike other solutions that require monthly service fees, license fees or per user fees, SMART Office Product philosophy is to built-in into every unit everything that the small business will need. There is no need to add software or hardware.

Thirdly, SMART Office is a pay-as-you-grow solution. Typical Intel based office systems must be pre-configured so that it can meet the growth of your company. Usually, this type of solution requires you to “over-purchase” CPU processing power and hard disk space in anticipation for your company’s need. This requires you to spend money ahead of time while the excess power and capacity is unused. With SMART Office, you buy only what you need “now” and add-on capability and capacity of your system only when you need it. You start with one SMART Office Base Unit then as your company need changes, add additional storage capacity, add a Mirror Unit to achieve business continuance capability or decide to have Disaster Recovery ability by adding a Remote Unit off-site to protect against disasters. SMART Office can do those additions very easily with a click of the mouse on the easy to understand Graphical User Interface. This means you do not need expensive technical help to expand capacity, add a remote server or add a redundant server.

Lastly, SMART Office is the only system available in this price range that allows you to create a Private Cloud. By using SMART Office in your branch offices, you could tie all your offices together and create a virtual Private Cloud for your company.

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