Business Data Privacy – the need to Self Host Data Servers

Many experts discuss the concerns about business data privacy and storing your important data in the cloud. Some claim that there is no more privacy with digital media so why worry about it.

Here’s a 2013 article by Lucas Mearian of ComputerWorld on this subject.

In regards to business data, we are talking about email, employee collaboration data, employee work files, corporate and financial data, customer information, product information, photos, videos, etc. and anything that you may put on computers and ultimately store on someone’s cloud server through the internet. We need to also be concerned about the backup data that is sent out to some cloud server for Disaster Recovery purpose.

So businesses need to be responsible in 2 ways: to safeguard company data and to safeguard customer information.

Storing your data in the cloud on someone’s server has been made very easy for businesses, especially small businesses in the growing stage. Many companies are enticed by free storage and no fee deals. If you think about it, everything has cost associated. The cloud company has to hire people to manage those servers, buy a lot of hard disk drives to store all the customer data, and the pay for the secured, climate controlled facility to keep all those servers. So since they provide cloud storage service to you free, they have to make money some other ways to support the operation. A few standard revenue generating methods for cloud companies are: your email contact that can be sold to marketing purpose, big data analytics that learns your habits from your data about you and your company, also for marketing purpose. There maybe more obscure methods of using your data to create revenue to support this “free” model.

Cloud storage companies are regularly requested by the government to hand over data of certain accounts. Lastly, hackers have a way to break through network security to steal data from these large data farms.

In short, if your company data is important, you should take business data privacy seriously and self host data servers in your company and protect your data.

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