Build your business network correctly

Segmenting network equipment easily isolates issues on your network

In order for your business network and the CPE (customer premise equipment) to operate in a stable and secure manner, build business network correctly and create a clear separation of “your” network and the ISP (internet service provider). This keeps the internal network independent and unchanged even though you change ISP, for example, from DSL connection to Cable Modem connection or vice-versa.

How do you achieve that?

Procure the following:

  1. Modem (rent from ISP or purchase your own)
  2. Small business router
  3. WiFi Access Point or a WiFi router that can be configured as an Access Point
  4. Small business Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  5. Power Distribution such as a power strip

The picture below is an example of a CPE network terminal on a plywood sheet that is mounted to the wall. All equipment pieces are mounted to the plywood using small screws and keyhole mount under each equipment.

On the left, top to bottom:

  • Power Distribution for power adapters
  • GigE Switch (Netgear GS108)

On the right, top to bottom:

  • WiFi Access Point (Cisco WAP4410N)
  • Router (Cisco-Linksys RV4000)
  • Broadband Modem (Motorola Cable Modem)

Here’s how the connections work:

Broadband from the ISP comes into your premise via the black TV cable connected to the bottom center of the Broadband Modem.

Modem converts cable signal to Ethernet signal.

The yellow Ethernet cable connects the Modem to your Router’s WAN port.

This is the primary connection of Broadband Internet to your business network.

Your Router then routes to 1 of 4 LAN ports.

WiFi Access Point connects to a Router LAN port using the blue Ethernet cable.

Your handheld devices such as mobile phones and laptops connect to your company servers and to the Internet via the WiFi Access Point and the Router.

Router LAN port also connects to the GigE Switch using the orange Ethernet cable.

The GigE Switch connects to all on-premise computers, printers and servers using one grey Ethernet cable for each computer device on the left.

CPE terminal interfacing to ISP Broadband built on plywood. Build business network correctly.

Business network CPE terminal.

Your Router is the main Gateway of your business network and the Broadband. Build business network correctly and once setup properly, you are able to perform changes without affecting the rest of your business network’s operation.

  • Change Broadband provider from DSL-Cable-Satellite just by changing the Modem. Always make sure Modem is setup in an “IP Passthrough” mode.
  • Upgrade to newer WiFi technology just by changing the WiFi Access Point.
  • Upgrade GigE Switch to more ports to connect more computers.