How to beat Ransomware

Frequent Backup Beats Ransomware

Whether it shows up as Ransomware or some destructive virus or any future form of malware that the malware industry will create, malware is here to stay and we face this threat daily as we work in the “connected information age”.

Ransomware is “serious”.

As such, you must take it seriously and safeguard your digital assets. You need to make sure your OS patches and virus scanning software are up to date and train but, pray that your employees do not click on any thing they shouldn’t.

To any business, the effect of such an attack can be down right disruptive. It could mean paying a ransom to unlock your valuable business files or on the other extreme, your business could be shut down.

The malware industry works hard to come up with new ways to infect our computers; OS patches and virus detection products are always one step behind. For most businesses with employees, it is a matter of time before malware will hit.

So what chance do you have, as a business owner, to recover when bad things happen?

Imagine your work computer was recently backed up, like yesterday, and then, let’s say that it got locked by a new type of Ransomware today that your detection software missed. What do you do? The answer is simple: re-install the computer and get your data files back from your backup. That’s it.

Frequent backups beat Ransomware. Here are good practices for business owners.

  • keep at least 1 copy of all your data files
  • backup all computers frequently (or better, continuously)
  • automate backup process to eliminate human error
  • make sure you can quickly recover your files from your backup medium
  • ………relax



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