Basic things a SMALL business must do

Besides depending on good luck, there are essential things SMALL business must implement to better its chance of survival or success.

  • Protect the company intellectual (digital) assets

a)  Backup employees’ work
b)  Educate employees about safe computing and use appropriate virus protection on computers
c)  Secure your equipment from theft or physical damage
d)  Backup your servers

  • Make sure the company’s operation is not stopped due to unforeseen perils, equipment failure, equipment theft, power failure and natural disaster

a)  Use UPS products for employee computers and servers
b)  When your business runs on your server, implement a server Failover scheme to an on-site mirror machine
c)  Implement a Remote backup scheme for your server with an off-site machine

  • Keep proper records of company communications

a)  Company Email
b)  Internal chat
c)  Project collaboration material

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