What is SMARTOffice Data?

SMARTOffice Data product is a complete small business Data Protection Private Server Solutions  allowing the business owner to focus on business instead of worrying about his data. Its capabilities rival the enterprise machines but at a fraction of the cost.


aboutpicSMARTOffice Data includes all necessary hardware and software in a thoughtfully designed product to bypass the complexity of setting up such system using traditional IT solutions. You can start to protect your files in about 30 minutes. It considers total cost of ownership while the company is in the early stages of growth. SMARTOffice Data provides an affordable yet complete solution for the business owner to safeguard his company data.

  • Based on a 32 bit 1.2GHz ARM SOC with very low power consumption, it provides the fastest network speeds with Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11N Wifi technologies.
  • AlwaysOn technology ensures SMARTOffice Data operate during brown-outs or black-outs for up to 5 hours.
  • Modular design with enough storage capacity for a small business allows you to start with one unit and grow.
  • Easily manage everything using Wizard and simplified Graphical User Interface.
  • A full set of activity report logs are available for the benefit of the business owner.
  • 3 Products to address 3 areas of business data needs
  • Whole company automated backup CDP – Versioning backup function for 20-30 computers; Continuous backup assures that lost employee files can be recovered with close to 100% surety. Very easy to keep a copy of your entire backup archive for Disaster Protection and Recovery. More here….
  • Your own Private cloud server for data storage and collaboration PFS – . Company data files are not in public cloud but in your control. Employees access from anywhere. Share files with customer. More here…
  • Private Email Server without the hassle of installation and maintenance SES – The easiest and quickest way to establish a private Email service. Keep your company communication private while enjoying full function Email service. Add Redundant Email server capability so your email never goes down. More here…