Server Appliance Concept

Webopedia defines Server Appliance concept as:

  • A specialized server
  • Designed for ease of installation and maintenance
  • All hardware and software bundled
  • All applications pre-installed
  • Plug and Play with existing network
  • Immediately usable with little configuration
  • Operate with little or no support
  • Here’s a link to Webopedia.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “appliance” as a relatively simple device for performing work.

Perfect descriptions of our SMARTOffice products in relations to the server appliance concept.

SMARTOffice is designed for the benefit of the Small Business owner. The product simplifies the complex area of networked storage and applications to the degree that all necessary procedures are cleverly gathered behind “wizard” buttons. This helps the owner establish complicated configurations that normally need significant knowledge and time to accomplish.

Furthermore, SMARTOffice is a “system”. A system formed in an organization of modular units that collectively serves a common purpose, by forming a “network” and distributing the processing of procedures for better overall efficiency. A system that is easy enough for almost anyone to DIY build and add-on as need arise. For each application (CDP, SES, PFS) start with the foundational Base Unit  then add capabilities such as Local Mirror, Remote Replication and Expansion as needed.


System Diagram of SMARTOffice based on Server Appliance Concept

Full Deployment Diagram

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