Using own SMARTOffice data protection products

Using own SMARTOffice data protection products

SMARTOffice products in Redvue Systems

We do eat our own dog food…..

Here’s our SMARTOffice product line-up:

CDP – Continuous Data Protection of the entire company
SES – Secure Email Service if your don’t want company email in the cloud
PFS – Private File Share to collaborate and share files among employees

Since Redvue Systems produces and sells products to small businesses, it is only reasonable that we are also using own SMARTOffice data protection products for our company’s data protection.

We self-host 2 company email domains on 2 SES systems. Each system is configured as on-site redundant servers with automatic email fail-over. And each has 1 off-site replication unit installed in my home for Disaster Recovery. These systems were deployed in early 2015.

For collaboration and file sharing for our US and overseas employees, and accessed from anywhere, we set up 1 PFS system (general release late 2016). It runs on-site redundant server mode with automatic fail-over.

Other units in the cover photo performs crucial roles such as automatic code download to customer units, domain name function and one unit running Open ERP application for internal use.

Our development office in China runs CDP in redundant server mode. The developer’s computers are continuously backed up into the versioning archive. This system was deployed since mid 2013.

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